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Homer (i. e. 8. század) (Personal Name)

Preferred form: Homer (i. e. 8. század)
Used for/see from:
  • Hóiméar
  • Hūmīrūs
  • Homeros
  • Earlier heading: Homerus
  • Gomer
  • Omir
  • Omer
  • Omero
  • Ho-ma
  • Homa
  • Homérosz
  • האמער
  • הומירוס
  • הומר
  • הומרוס
  • هومر
  • هوميروس
  • 荷马
  • Ὅμηρος
  • Гамэр
  • Hamėr
  • Омир
  • Homero
  • 호메로스
  • Homerosŭ
  • Homērs
  • Homeras
  • Хомер
  • ホメーロス
  • ホメロス
  • Гомер
  • Homeri
  • Hema
  • Pseudo-Homer
  • Pseudo Omero

Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project.

Non-Latin script references not evaluated.

Do not use as main entry for Homeric hymns or Battle of the frogs and mice, which should normally be entered under a uniform title. For these and other works attributed to "Pseudo-Homer" or otherwise once attributed to Homer, make an added entry for Homer.

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Wikipedia, July 30, 2008 (Homer (ancient Greek: ʻΟμηρος, Homēros) was an ancient Greek epic poet) Belarusian page (Гамэр = Hamėr) Bulgarian page (Омир = Omir) Greek page (ʻΟμηρος = Homēros) Esperanto page (Homero) Korean page (호메로스 = Homerosŭ) Latvian page (Homērs) Lithuanian page (Homeras) Hungarian page (Homérosz) Macedonian page (Хомер = Homer) Japanese page (ホメーロス = Homērosu; ホメロス = Homerosu) Occitan page (Omèr) Russian page (Гомер = Gomer) Albanian page (Homeri) Finnish page (Homeros) Tajik page (Ḣomer) Ukrainian page (Гомер = Homer) Chinese page (荷马 = Hema)

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